The third Sunday in June is World No Hair Loss Day, the same day as Father's Day. According to the relevant data, with the development of science and technology, social pollution and competition are also increasing, people's hair loss problem has become more and more serious, especially fathers. In order to arouse the attention and attention of society and families to the problem of father's hair loss and even human hair loss, the Hancaoge Germination Center, in conjunction with many world hair-care associations and Chinese Family Service Association, has proposed that Father's Day be designated as "World No Hair Loss Day".

Origin of Festivals by Healthy Hair Association and China Family Service Association
Setting time :The third Sunday of June each year
"World No Hair Loss Day" is a festival initiated by many health-care associations in the world and China Family Service Association. This action aims to more effectively publicize the importance of solving the problem of hair loss for fathers and paying attention to their scalp and hair health, so that more fathers can get the care of "no hair loss", and hope that through this action, society can give due attention to the pressure of fathers'survival and hair loss.

According to relevant data, the global hair loss population has now reached 2 billion, and the number of Chinese hair loss has exceeded 200 million, of which male hair loss accounts for the vast majority of the national hair loss, while 87% of men have hair loss problems after becoming fathers. Most married men, especially fathers, say they are under pressure in life and work, child rearing problems, family chores, job performance... They are often overwhelmed by everything. As the mainstay of the family, fathers have strong bodies and strong souls, but even so, they can not match the curse of hair loss.

Mental stress, inadequate rest time, abnormal work and rest time, coupled with frequent need for social interaction and excessive tobacco and alcohol, high calorie, greasy food intake and other factors, led to the father became a high-risk group of hair loss.

However, the problem of father's hair loss has not received the attention and attention of society and family. Initiated by many health-care associations around the world and China Family Service Association, Father's Day is positioned as a global hair loss-free day to remind people of the serious harm and social problems caused by hair loss.