In 2020, our company made an explosive product and won the support of many new and old customers. The popularity is selling 100 per day, which has been sold for 5 months. This product is the front hairline wig piece. We made lace mesh bottom and PU mesh bottom. We insist on making high-quality hand hook products and can also accept customization. If there is a customer who needs to customize according to the size, we will arrange the most skilled workers to bring a higher level of experience to the customer. Elegant hair is the most responsible supplier. Thank you




The advantage of the PU net bottom is that it is realistic, very close to our skin, and blends with our scalp. It is extremely realistic and comfortable to wear.




The advantage of lace mesh bottom is breathability. The hair roots are floating and knotted at the front of the hairline, using the most breathable Swiss net, the most realistic and the thinnest net in the world. The prices are also wholesale prices to our major customers